Special Plug-ins for Panda Identification
datum: 2019-10-11

People who first see giant pandas probably think they only have the differences in body-size. This article will bring the good news to the “People of Serious Panda Face Blindness”, because some giant pandas are born with “plug-ins” for identification.


At first, I would like to introduce the first famous “plug-in”–gray fur. The giant panda with this “plug-in” is different from other black and white giant pandas at the beginning of their fur growth. Their fur is gray and white. Although this “plug-in” is extremely recognizable, it is not long-lasting. It will disappear completely when they grow to about one year old.


3-month-old Cheng Shi with Gray Fur 


One-year-old Cheng Shi


The owners of “plug-in” gray fur are mainly panda Cheng Ji’s children. All of the Cheng Ji’s children have gray fur when they were young. The color of the gray parts gradually deepens during the process of growing up, and became the same as that of ordinary pandas around one-year old. In addition to the panda Cheng Ji’s children, Ji Li and Yuan Yuan's children also have this special “plug-in”, for example, Ji Mei and Yuan Yue who were born in 2016.


2-month-old Ji Mei


1-year-old Ji Mei


3-month-old Yuan Yue


1-year-old Yuan Yue


The second “plug-in” is “rouged lips”, which means the color of their lips are not all black, but a part of pink there like they have lipstick on. This “plug-in” has life-long validity, but it is not easy to find. It requires us to carefully observe or wait for giant pandas to look up or open their mouths.



Si Nian’s “Rouged Lips”


Ni Ke’s “Rouged Lips”


Another “plug-in” is a tuft of long fur on the top of the head and between ears. Standing on top of the head just like the antenna, it is jokingly called “loggy hair” or “Wi-Fi”. The representatives are Shuang Xin, Qi Yi and Jiao Ao. Three of them have different “loggy hair” styles.


Shuang Xin has the obvious “WiFi” feature.


Although young, Qi Yi has strong “WiFi signal”.


The “Loggy Hair” of Jiao Ao looks unclear against the big furry face.


The last “plug-in” is very powerful for it is not only valid for lifelong but also easy to find. You can easily find it even in a group of giant pandas—the white fur on panda’s paws, and we call it “white gloves” or “white socks”.



Si Yuan has clear white fur on its two forelimbs.


He Feng has clear white fur on its two hindlimbs.


Ni Na has clear white fur on its two hindlimbs


Ni Ke is more special for that it has obvious white fur on two hindlimbs, and also a small amount of white fur on the left forepaw. In addition, its lower lip is ‘rouged’. It has two kinds of “plug-ins” at the same time.



Ni Ke has a large number of “plug-ins” for identification.


How considerate those pandas “plug-ins” are! When visiting the pandas next time, you can try to find these “plug-ins”. Say goodbye to the “Serious Panda Face Blindness” and you may also be praised by your companions.





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