Growing-up Experience of Princess Sissi
Date: 2014-07-15

At Moonlight Nursery, mother Xingya plays in the outdoor enclosure only with Princess Sissi; they stay outdoors during the day and return indoors at night. Sissi now stays with Mother Xingya all day long. With nursing available at any time and milk of 250g per day, Sissi has good meals and weighs up to 25.2kg. According to her breeder, Sissi has become more shy and doesn’t climb thre trees like a naughty panda.


Let’s review the growth of Princess Sissi. 


When she was a baby panda, many fans were fascinated by Sissi.


Little baby, sleep tight and grow up quickly


All pandas like to sleep at this stage


Wow, she has started to learn to walk. 


And to smile


She learns to climb trees. 


She plays joyfully.


Princess Sissi, please grow up quickly




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