Giant Pandas’ Unique Sleeping Postures
Date: 2014-08-18

As the saying goes: “It’s good time to read books in warm spring and to sleep in hot summer”. Recently, there have been dog days in Chengdu. People feel so hot, it feels as if they are in a food steamer. And what about the pandas who are wearing thick “cotton-padded jackets” that cannot be taken off? Forget it, let me put all movement aside and sleep! Hey, please do not wake me up!


Sleep with the sky as quilt and the ground as bed. 


This sleeping posture requires waist strength. If you are suffering from lumbar disc herniation, please do not imitate.


Choosing a wrong pillow will result in a stiff neck!


Please do not call me “short legs.” If you do, I will get mad.


In my dream, I became Sun Wukong and I am “being pinned down by Five Elements Mountain”.


Keeping up with the trend of the World Cup that just passed, I’ll change to a football. But, please do not kick me.


Little sister, you will catch a cold by sleeping in this way!


“Justice has long arms!” Give it a try if you do not believe this saying!


This is a flower, isn’t it? I am its stamen!


Goodness me! His rear end must be in pain after he wakes up!


The tripartite confrontation interpreted by the pandas.


It’s time to witness a miracle. Look, a wooden ladder is penetrating the body. Please do not imitate!


Just keep sleeping so that I can steal all your milk!


Do you know the secret of how to quickly fall asleep? The answer is to relax your whole body. So, I’m just relaxing…


Finally, let’s end today’s sleeping exercises with the collective sleeping photo of Sun Nursery Class of 2012. Hey, Monitor Ao, no eating during bedtime!







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