A Routine for a Warm Autumn
Date: 2014-09-01

As autumn begins, the weather is fine after a rain shower falls on Chengdu and the temperature rises. Baby pandas wearing fur all year round are bound to feel hot. To adapt to changing temperatures, pandas molt naturally (generally in Spring and Autumn), and panda keepers create a comfortable environment with preferred temperatures for them. As the burning sun shines, if the pandas are not outside, they can be found in their indoor play rooms. We request that you please turn off the camera flash when visiting indoors. 


The course that the pandas use to return to indoor play rooms from the outside enclosure is called “Panda Return”. In this course, pandas will pass through a circulation passageway and they will be showered in the circulation passageway to cool down and to get rid of clay and dust stains on their bodies. Everyone can be assured that the spray pressure for showers is not so strong that pandas get stressed. 


About 9:00 am, as the temperature rises, the pandas take a rest after breakfast.


Some pandas prefer to pace rather than rest.






Once the panda keeper calls out, all the pandas rush toward the entrance to the room.


Pandas are moving forward in the passageway to take a shower.


Pandas are asking for apples, which are given to them preceding the shower.


Pandas are eager to get the apples. 


Siyi: Can I eat an apple, but not take a shower?


After lining up, pandas are as tall as the cage if they stand straight up.


The ranks are broken instantly.


Molting pandas are more noticeable after the shower. 


After the shower, pandas enjoy air conditioning and bamboo in their indoor play room.





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