The Pigeon Pair of “Maoge” and “Maomei” Replace “Aibang” who had a False Pregnancy
Date: 2014-09-03

Recently the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding verified that "Aibang", the panda that returned to Chengdu, China from Japan, and who was thought to be pregnant, will not give birth to any baby.


On March 30, 2014, the female panda of Chengdu “Aibang” completed natural mating with the male panda “Yongyong”. In July, 2014 she began to show symptoms of pregnancy such as loss of appetite, reduction of exercise amount and the rise of progestational hormone level. Researchers at the Base determined upon observation that “Aibang” could be showing pre-delivery symptoms, so “Aibang” was listed as an expectant panda for 2014. As it is the last baby of “Hero Mother” – “Meimei” and also one of the only twin panda babies born in winter in the world so far, “Aibang” was selected as the protagonist of “World First Live Telecast of Panda Parturition”. However, after nearly two months of behavior observations by panda experts on the Base and according to hormone tests, the internal progestational hormone of “Aibang” declined to a minimum. This was followed by her return to normal appetite levels.


The panda expert of the Base, Wu Kongju said, “Aibang’s” “pregnancy-like” symptoms are actually “false pregnancy”, prevalent among female pandas. Pandas in “false pregnancy” appear almost no different from pregnant pandas, and those in an expectant state generally show essentially the same “signs of labor” such as loss of appetite or interruption of diet. Even experts rich with hands on experience can only tell that a panda is pregnant one or two days before delivery, Determining whether a panda is pregnant is still an art rather than a science.


Of course, there are other explanations, Wu Kongju said jokingly. When female pandas show pregnancy signs, those “expectant mothers” will be relocated to separate “air-conditioned rooms” and nursed by special assigned personnel around the clock. In addition they will be provided with steamed corn bread, apples, fresh and delicious bamboos, etc. based on “pregnancy standards”. Such pampered “treatment for expectant mothers” will inevitably attract smart pandas to “play tricks” so as to improve their own “life quality”.


Base experts have confirmed that “Aibang” was in false pregnancy, so the Base has chosen the pigeon pair “Maoge” and “Maomei” cubs (infant names) that the panda “Maomao” gave birth to on July 26 of this year to play the leading roles in subsequent activities such as “World First Live Telecast of Newborn Pandas’ Growth” (regular live show each week), “Global Discussion on Naming Rules” and “Global Naming for Newborn Pandas”.


Born to a “family reputed for sports”, “Maoge” and “Maomei” are athletic and energetic thanks to the excellent sports genes inherited from their family. Under precious care of breeders on the Base, the brother and sister are growing up vigorous and healthy day by day, and Mao Mao’s kiddies have shown distinguished black and white colors. Let’s jointly look forward to their marvelous growth milestones such as the first opening of eyes to see the world, the first crawling, the first going straight in half-standing, etc.! What are you waiting for? Let’s join in!








Big Maomao


Big Maomao


Little Maomao






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