Environment Enrichment Activities Designed for Mei Lan
Date: 2014-11-27

In the past, enrichment activities were created for Mei Lan, but Mei Lan did not take any interest in them. They were centered around apples and it seems that Mei Lan does not find apples enriching. As such, the administrator of home page of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding made a few adjustments to the enrichment tool.




The first attempt was not very successful.. The administrator simply hid an apple in a PVC pipe and blocked off two ends of the pipe with bamboo. However, Mei Lan’s attention was directly drawn to the bamboo, and he ignored the apple This attempt was considered a failure.




After giving it some thought, the administrator decided to use a jute bag holding bamboo to conduct a hidden food game for environment enrichment. Many factors were considered in the use of a jute bag, especially safety factors. The jute bag needed to be disinfected, washed and dried in the air. It needed to be checked for anything harmful such as iron wire and nylon rope. Too, fresh and clean bamboo should be inserted into the jute bag and its top should be tied tightly with a string, and the string must be short so that the panda could not get entangled in it.


Mei Lan is coming. The jute bag is ready.


This is a jute bag… Sniff sniff, what do you contain?


Let’s see what’s inside.


I found some bamboo.


Wow jute bag, let me hold you.


This jute bag is very useful, I can be use it as a blanket.




The administrator breathed a sigh of relief. Mei Lan played with the jute bag for at least for 20 minutes, finding bamboos in it by himself. This enrichment activity might be successful. Next time, the administrator will increase the level of difficulty for Mei Lan.





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