Twin Brothers and Bosom Buddies
Date: 2014-12-11

We are Da Meng and Xiao Meng. We, as twins, get along well with each other. We always stay together. We walk together, sleep together, even wet our feet and drink the water in which we have put our feet together. You’ll believe that after you read the following.


We are having a walk together. Look at our profiles. We are two handsome boys, aren’t we?


Da Meng: Eh? Where has my brother gone? We have just walked together. Meng Xiao Xiao! Where are you? Let’s go to drink.


Xiao Meng: Oh my brother, are you calling me? Ok, I’m coming!


Da Meng and Xiao Meng are drinking water happily head to head and shoulder to shoulder.


Suddenly, a mischievous idea arises in Da Meng’s mind. Brother, move aside. Let’s soak our feet in the water. Just like this! Come on!


Da Meng is snickering: Hahaha Brother, it's fun to soak feet in water like this, right?
Xiao Meng: Hum! Brother, I want to try on other side. Wow! The water is cool.


Da Meng: Oh man, what I said is right. Haha!


Xiao Meng: Brother, let’s taste the water. Do you think the water tastes good or not? Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…
Da Meng: Don’t do that brother, we just soaked our feet in the water…


Da Meng rolls his eyes… Oh my! Xiao Meng, Xiao Meng, turn around. We are probably seen by our mother… She will blame us for being disobedient and unclean.
Xiao Meng: Er… Where is she?
Da Meng continues to roll his eyes: I’m looking this way…


Two brothers quickly return ashore and then happily eat bamboo with their mother as if nothing has happened.
The author: I wish two little boys grow up very healthy!





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