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Date: 2015-07-21

Giant panda KeLin’s female twins received their first physical examination from veterinarians of the Chengdu Panda Base right after they were born on June 22, 2015. Careful examination found that the twins were both healthy with all vital signs being normal. An exception was that the younger sister had slight scratches on her back, which were caused by new mommy Ke Lin when she carried the cub with her mouth. As the younger sister was slightly under weight, experts decided to let mommy Ke Lin take care of the elder sister while the younger one stayed in the nursing room for artificial nursing. However, during the afternoon of that day, daddy and mommy nannies noticed that the elder sister could not drink milk from mommy Ke Lin and she was in increasingly low spirits. They took her from her mommy’s arms for examination. It was found that the elder sister had slight extravasated blood in her head and an approximately 2mm lacerated wound at her right mouth corner, also caused by mommy Ke Lin when carrying the cub with her mouth This made the cub unable to close her mouth and suck milk. Since the cub couldn’t close her mouth and suck, artificial feeding would not work either. Therefore, daddy and mommy nannies had to squeeze the milk to her tongue root for her to swallow. A slight mistake in this process could cause the milk to be sucked into her lungs and result in a fatal injury. The process took forty to fifty minutes for the cub to swallow 2ml milk. Apart from that, the veterinarian carried out antisepsis and anti-inflammation treatment for her wound. After several days of meticulous treatment and feeding, the elder sister’s wound has basically healed and she has returned to the arms of her mommy.









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