I am a true man!
Date: 2015-09-15

Beloved friends, how are you? I was in a bad mood today, because I cannot understand how my breeder nanny could do this to me?


She is quite nice to me in normal times. She takes beautiful pictures of me, which I fancy and cooperate with. However, some information she downloaded from somewhere identified me as a girl. Can you believe it, a girl? How’s that even possible! No doubt I am pretty, but I am a true man!


You see, this is how I look in the picture! What’s most annoying is that it identified me as a girl!



I often do exercises like this!


And this…



And this…


And this. I am terrific!


Very frustrating. And, I miss Jing Jing. Do not bother to ask me who Jing Jing is…


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