Giant Panda Oreo on the Journey of Growth
Date: 2015-10-12

The weather turns cooler when autumn begins. Although the sun still shines brightly, it’s not as hot as the summer. The bamboo leaves in the yard seem greener after an autumn rain.


With thick branches, large and stout leaves and vines intertwined, trees cast long shadows on the road. Everything is pleasant and peaceful. However, such a day is quite unpleasant for panda Oreo, because today is the physical training day of the week he must endure.


Young panda Oreo needs to practice and exercise more if he wants to climb trees and perform moves like hanging upside down like his older brothers and sisters. By doing so, he can enjoy the views around him through different angles. Yet, this green wooden horse, his old friend, is too stable to help him get on his own feet.


This time, he decided to make a first brave move of growing up. His fellows all encouraged and cheered for him, keeping their eyes closely on him. He began to walk slowly on the timber piles, taking each step very carefully. He turned his head down when reached the end. Pale with fear, he crouched and remained quietly on the piles.


Seeing this, his fellows rushed to comfort and encourage him. After a while, he plucked up his courage again, grasped on the piles and climbed down slowly. He was excited and delightful. This time, he did it; he overcame himself and made it.


Life is full of sunshine. However, haze may descend even when the sun is shining. The course of growing up is full of hurdles and we need to conquer them one by one. We’ll become stronger after experiencing misery, and grow up after the storm. Adversity helps us grow. Let’s welcome the ups and downs of life together with smile.









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