Students and Teachers from the Bullis School of Maryland, USA Visit Panda Valley
Date: 2015-11-04

Recently, a group of 23 students and teachers from the Bullis School of Maryland, USA visited Panda Valley.


The group arrived at scenic Panda Valley in the morning. As they walked up the winding path, they listened to an introduction to Panda Valley and the planned tour by the scientific research staff. These students were attracted by the charmingly naïve pandas after they arrived at the panda house. The staff discussed the living habits and physiological characteristics of pandas, and the students learned about the animals directly. Later, research personnel presented a training session with the pandas who could be returning to the wild, and discussed the results of the data collected. All of this took place in a temporary classroom built in the science popularization education village. The students all listened carefully, participated in the discussion, and gained a more in-depth understanding of the giant panda, a rare species.


In the afternoon session when the research staff demonstrated the training process of the pandas in the return to wild program, the students were asked to record the behaviors of the giant pandas. Then they performed the training process themselves. Before they ended their tour, the students planted edible bamboo for the pandas in the center of returning pandas to the wild thus making their contributions for panda protection. This meaningful tour ended with much happiness among the participants.



Teachers and Students Arrive at Panda Valley


The Scientific Research Staff Introduces Panda Valley to the Students


Watching Giant Pandas


The Scientific Research Staff Presents a Lecture to Students in a Temporary Classroom


Students’ Active Interactions with the Teacher


Watching the Training Process of Returning Pandas to the Wild


Recording the Behaviors of the Giant Pandas


Planting Edible Bamboo for the Giant Pandas


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