Unique detector of Red Pandas
Date: 2016-11-23

  Panda’s World is not only black and white. There is another kind of panda called "Red Panda", which is commonly known as the "Lesser Panda". Red pandas look like raccoon since they have annular stripes on their long and hairy tails. Red pandas are very cute not only because of their appearance,but also because they are very famous "expression emperor"!If you observe red panda carefully,you will find that they like to spit their tongues very much. Many people may think that they must be acting cute, but in fact, they are just doing the"detection " work.


walking facial expressions


  For red Pandas, their tongues are important organ of taste. The function is similar to snakes and lizards and other reptiles. It is found that tongue of red pandashas many largepapillae. These larger papillae like many chemical receptor. They can "accept" the chemical particles around the air, so red pandas can "taste" natural enemies and the smell of other beasts. If giant pandas' detector isnose, then red pandas' detector is their tongue, so that they can avoid danger in advance.





  Same as giant pandas, red pandasare also under national protection. If you come to Chengdu, do not miss the opportunity to learn about red pandas. The more you understand them, the more you will find that their "cute" is also"lethal".





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