Giant Pandas’ Response to Sound
Date: 2016-12-11

  Every giant panda has a pair of very cute ears, round and upright on its head. These ears are very special,. It’s not only can play a key role in reducing the heat dissipation but also help collect sound waves. Pandas’ hearing is very sensitive. They can hear any abnormal sounds and quickly run away or climb trees to hide. Even when exercising or resting, they are also very sensitive to surrounding noise.


  In order to control the response of giant pandas to various types of sound and to understand the impact of sound on giant pandas, scientists used radio to play music as an experiment. Pandas only listened at the start of the test, and then they lied down to sleep. Giant pandas also knows how to enjoy music, and it seems that music really works, regardless whether the listener is human or animal.


  Scientists also thought that poachers often kill pandas with guns.So how would giant pandasrespond to gunfire? Scientists used firecrackers similar to gunfire to do an experiment. When firecrackers exploded in front of a giant panda, it just looked upward. Scientists think the panda may mistake the sound of firecrackers for thunder, as it just looked into the sky. Giant panda does not respond to gunfire as a threat. No wonder those poachers can succeed.


  Giant pandasare very sensitive to voices, but it is unable to distinguish human hunting activity with gunfire. We sincerely hope that, poaching can disappear forever from the jungle and allow all animals live a quiet and harmonious life.








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