Pose of Giant Pandas While They’re Eating
Date: 2016-12-27

  Giant pandaswere carnivores long time ago. After millions of years of evolution, 99% of their diet is bamboo shoots and bamboo. Their digestive tract is still as short as carnivores.So pandas can not digest bamboo very well. They only can absorb a few nutrition from their food. Because of this, giant pandas need consume lots of bamboo everyday, digest them quickly and move less to obtain enough energy. They spend most of their time at eating or digesting everyday.


  Thus , many people think that giant pandas are eating and sleeping all day long. In captivity, they don’t have any natural predators, so usually they like to choose a comfortable pose to enjoy their lifeleisurely.


   Now, let’s take a look at the postures of them:


  1.Bending over

Elegance index: ★★★★

Comfort index: ★★★


  Comments: The pose shows how shy this panda is, and it’s a photogenic pose. But due to the need to use one hand to get food, it can only use another hand to support its body. So it looks a little toilsome.


  2. Lying on the side


Elegance index: ★★★★

Comfortability index: ★★


  Comments: This one combines two different poses: o "The Drunken Beauty"with"Lin Daiyu Buries Fallen Flowers". It shows a special aesthetics. Compared with “bending over,” the “lying on the side” needs more strength from the single arm to support and control the entire body and maintain balance.


  3. Lying down


Elegance index: ★★

Comfortability index: ★★★★★


  Comments: Lying on the bed must be the most comfortable pose for pandas. Look this panda above, it that awesome? What a fantastic life they have! But this pose is like a drunkard, it may scare children at times.


  4.Sitting upright



Elegance index: ★★★★★

Comfortability index: ★★★★


  Comments:It is a standardgesture which can be exemplary to young pandas. Pandas can use both of its arms comfortably. The pose not only win the praise of tourists, but also win their own identify.





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