Breast Milk ofGiant Pandas
Date: 2017-01-09

  The birth season of giant pandas is July to August.As their pregnancy period is very short (only about 83-200 days) , so the cubs will come into this world earlier. These lovely premature babies are so tender and fragility.A casual neglect will make them die. After birth, mother's colostrumfor the cub are very crucial.


Hello! My name's Cheng Jiu. I am in my mom's(named Cheng Ji)arm and sucking her milk! (Photograph on July 24, 2014)


    Research shows that cubs which have enjoyed colostrums could be better in resistance; the survival rate could be higher. After years of the scientific research of panda, baby pandas which were not fed with colostrums are sick and the survival rate is very low. But the baby pandas raised by mom with colostrums are strong and get high survival rate. It suggests that the nutrients content and balanced proportion in giant panda’s milk are more scientific than artificial emulsion. Panda breast milk, especially colostrums, is very important for baby panda’s growth.


After mom’s(named Cheng Ji) feeding, I am growing up healthily! (On August 4, 2014)


  Compared with other livestock’s milk, the moisture, crude protein, minerals and vitamin content in the milk of giant panda are different. Most kinds of the vitamins and trace elements content are much higher than the milk of livestock, which reveals the specificity of giant panda milk nutrients content. So it cannot easily use other animals’ milk to replace the giant panda’s. In addition, in different period of lactation, the nutrientsof giant panda’s milkaretotally different. After birth, the breast milk in the first few days is called "colostrum". It is greenish about a few days, and then colostrum change into "ordinary milk". Colostrum and ordinary milk also have great differences. Colostrum are rich in immune factors and growth factors and other necessary nutrients. It is the most precious food of new life given by nature.It’s suitable for the digestion and absorption of newborn pandas. Colostrum can also enhance the ability of resistance to infection, and promote the immature development of baby’s organs. Generally speaking, the amount of milk for the newborn cubs depends on the growth of them -- the first day, about 0.8-2 ml every 1.5-2 hours;after half a month, theycan drink about every 4 hours. As they grow up, they would drink about every 6 hours or 8 hours according to the situation, they will eat gradually increase.


Colostrumof giant panda


The ordinary milk of giant panda


  For panda cubs, breast milk is the best gift and food. Because of panda mom’s care and love, they can grow strong and healthily.


  (Note: sources Study on the Countermeasures for Captive Pandas Milk Nutrition Analysis And Foster Nutrition.)





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