Panda Mother ’s “Little Moppy”
Date: 2017-02-14

  Of all the panda cubs born in 2013, there is one cub affectionately named “Little Moppy” by netizens. He is called He Sheng, the younger twin baby of panda mother Cheng Gong. There is a story behind this lovely nickname.

   Let’s check it out through the video below:



  Just as the video shows, panda motherQing He has carried the curious He Sheng back into the cave in her mouth several times. It looks like that she is mopping the floor. For this reason, the netizens nicknamed He Sheng as Little Moppy. At that time, it was the beginning of the panda cubs’ outdoor adventures guided by andpanda motherQing He. Before, they lived in the indoor enclosure in the Sunshine Nursery House, which wasa relatively familiar and quiet place for them. Compared with the indoor enclosure, everything outside was a new sight and experience: the tall trees, the cool pond, the shelves for climbing, and many tourists that come and go. Although it was the first time for Qing He to be a mother, she hada great maternal instinct and is very attentive. In the beginning, Qing He was always concerned and stood silently behind her cub. If there were any signs of trouble, Qing He would immediately carry the cub back into the cave where she thought it was safe. As for the panda cub He Sheng, he was curious about everything in his new world: he wanted to climb tall trees, conquer the logs and taste the fresh stream. These different personalities caused clashes between the mother panda and the cub. That’s why we can see pandamother roughly carrying He Sheng back into the cave again and again, and the entire event was caught by tourists who posted the video on the Internet. Finally, He Sheng was nicknamed “Moppy” for his curiosity.

  In fact, it is very common that panda mothers carries babies in their mouths to move. Every panda cub has been a “Moppy” for its mother.

  As soon as the cub is born, pandamother picks it up in her mouth and holds it close to her body to keep it warm. Otherwise, the cub’s body temperature may drop rapidly and be unsafe.

  The attentive mother that is always watching every her cubs grow every day, picking up inher mouth is still common to see.


panda mother Ke Lin is cleaning her cub and carrying it in her mouth.


.  As little cub is growing every day, it will be known as “Moppy”.

Panda mother Cheng Ji is moving with “Moppy” Xing Yu in her mouth.

  Besides in captivity, there are also panda “Moppy” movements in the wild.

Pandamother travels with her “Moppy” in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve.

  Unlike other kinds of animals who carry their cubs on the back, or on their chests, in their pouches, etc., pandasmothers mostly choose to carry their babies in their mouth during the period which the cubs can’t walk well. It is a instinctive skill as well. In addition, giant pandas are very alert. Pandamothermay run away and protect the cub by carrying it in her mouth if there is any sign of trouble.

  All in all, that’s why netizens nicknamed He Sheng as “Little Moppy.”



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