what are the key factors for giant pandas when they're choosing their habitats?
Date: 2017-02-14

  Pandas, “The Recluse of Bamboo Forest”, live in the valley 2,500 meters above the sea level. They like to live separately,so it is really hard to find wild pandas. Therefore, what are the conditions when they choosing their home?

Bamboo forest.


  Being an animal who has a great passion for eating, food resource is always the primary element for pandas chooseideal habitats. We all know bamboo is their main choice in their daily diet. Therefore, pandas must need at least14 hours a day to find and eat bamboo. Thus, the place they choose to be homes should have abundant of bamboos. But the funny thing is, they won’t choose the bamboo forests which have too many bamboos. Why? That is because pandas cannot cross between those dense bamboos. Such a pity for having such a “plump body”!

Body shape will affect the choices of habitat.


  Besides looking for bamboos and eating, pandas spend the rest of time to sleep. Therefore, a high tree that can be used for sleeping is quitenecessary for pandas. Except resting, living in trees for pandas also means that they canalso avoid dangers from other animals; Some pandas will give birth inside the tree holes and use it as a shelter.


Climbing skills are very important in wild life.

Panda is very good at climbing trees.



  Unexpected, pandas are relying on water, so they must need water in their habitat. They like to lie inside the water especially in summer time. It is because they have thick coverings of hair. In water, the Recluse is never classy but just plays in the water as a kid.

Pandas love playing water.

  Choosing habitats for pandas only has to satisfy those three conditions above. However, there are only three provinces (Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi Province) in China have natural habitats for pandas. As economy grows, people have invading forests, causingpandas’ habitats fragmented. Fortunately, more and more people start to protect environment and it is really helpful for pandas. Now China has established a batch of natural reserves for pandas in order to improve and guarantee the living environment of this species and other rare animals. At the end, we sincerely hope that there will be more and more habitats for pandas to choose, and in the meanwhile, more and more people recognize the importance of protecting environment.





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