Wonder & Treasure---The Story of Giant PandaQi Zhen
Date: 2017-03-05

  In the "Panda Circle", there is a well-known star --- Qi Zhen. She was born of a distinguished family. Her mother is a famous “Hero Mum”Mei Mei.Qi Zheninherits the good genes of her mother, and has given birth to twins four times, which makes an immortal story.


梅梅 拷贝.jpg
Hero Panda Mother Meimei.
科比 拷贝.jpg
  From the outset, Qi Zhen’s story is full of legendary. Qi Zhen is the first baby of Mei Mei.When she was born, her skin was cut by Mei Mei accidentally, because Mei Mei had no experience of being a mother, and she wasscared by the screaming little guy. Fortunately, the wound wastreated immediately thanks to the experienced panda keepers and veterinarians . A total of seven stitches saved her life. To commemorate the "seven stitches" and this thrilling birth, staffsfrom the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding named it Qi Zhen, which means"cherished and precious." 
奇珍 拷贝.jpg
  As the saying goes, one who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune for ever after. After the recovery, Qi Zhen grew healthily and never been sick. All of people just thought Qi Zhen was going to live a plain life, and her legendary story was gradually forgotten. However, who knows she gave us a heart quake once again when she gave birth to baby for the first time. She bring us another legendary panda.
  In 2006, Qi Zhen gave birth to the world's tiniest giant panda Wu Yi. (Note: Wu Yi’s birth weight was only 51 grams, which was only one-third of the ordinary newborn panda cub weight.) Fortunately, with the meticulous care of keepers in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, super motherhood and enough milk of Qi Zhen, Wu Yi now hasgrown into a handsome boy. 
奇珍 (3).png
Qizhen and her baby
  In fact, there are many curious and precious storiesabout pandas waiting to be discovered and described. A lot of people are attractedby giant pandas not because they are cute and naive, but touched by the tenacity and peaceshowed by giant pandas. Know more about giant panda, and know how to protect them. Have a knowledge of the status of giant pandas, and know how precious they are, then more wonderful stories will be left. 


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