Pandas' Summer life in Chengdu
Date: 2017-05-05

  Summer is coming. The lovely pandas were baked by the burning sun along with high temperature, humidity and muggy weather. What should we pay attention to when we visit giant pandas in summer ?


  In the wild, giant pandas live in the dense forest at an altitude of 2500-3500m, where is surrounded by fog perennially, and temperature is maintained at 20 degrees Celsius. From their thick fur, we can know that giant pandas prefer cold weather to hot weather. What about pandas who are living in captivity? What we can do to help them? For example, pandas live in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding which is an important ex-situ conservation institution in Chengdu. Like their ancestors, pandas who live there also prefer to stay in cool living environment. They are unable to resist high temperature and the burning sun in summer. In summer, Once the temperature is in excess of the limits, keepers will take some of the heat-prevention measures for pandas, such as preparing air conditioner, ice block, and so on.


  Visiting giant pandas in summer, you will inevitably be affected by the sun and high temperature. It has a great chance that you can not find any pandas when you visit them. Why? As they are forced to the interior by hot weather. It is recommended to visit them in the cool morning in summer .


  Summer is hot. Please ensure enough rest, avoid exposure to the sun, and prevent yourself from heat stroke like pandas.


Air-conditioner room is so comfortable.


It’s hot outside. I can not bear the hot weather. I’m not going out.


It’s cool in the morning. I’m going to take a morning bath.


I want to do this all day.


It is also very cool to lie on here.




Air conditioner and ice, cool!






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