The Prenatal Stories of Giant Pandas
Date: 2017-05-15

  The birth season of giant pandas is from July to September, and it’s also the busiest time for keepers. Panda cubs can’t grow up healthily without attentive care from their keepers. Now it’s July, it is the high season for female pandas to delivery babies. So, during this critical period, what are the differences in the delivery house? 


  Let’s take The Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding forexample. Look at the nursing room, which is the home for new-born panda cubs. According to the keeper worked there, panda cubs are too weak to maintain their body temperature on their own. To prevent them dying to hypothermia, panda cubs have to stay in the incubator for at least a month, especially when their mother lacks experience or their mother abandons them (usually, a panda mother only raises one baby at one time). As for these incubators,which sit idle for almost one year, they have to be disinfected and maintained to the highest standards to make sure all of them can operate normally and safely. Besides, new-born panda cubsneed something else, such as towels, baby bottles and air purifiers. All of these need to be prepared in advance.


The nursing room prepared


All kinds of goods and materials that pandas need during their breeding seasons


  Now, let’s have a look at these expectant mothers. Actually, they periodically eat less and less before delivery,and this symptom can help panda experts to predict the delivery date. The most important work of panda keepers at this time is to weigh and record pandas’ excrement and monitor their feed intake every day. Once pandas have the signs, keepers will observe pandas more carefully and frequently. The expectant panda mothers’ conditions will be observed and recorded by keepersevery two hours, which can greatly reduce the risk of missing the babies being born.


A keeper is checking the vulva of the female panda and taking notes


  With the development of technology and the great care of keepers, the survival rate of panda cubs has gradually increased. We hope that the population of pandas willincrease steadily , and they can go back to the wild and live a life of freedomone day . 



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