The Secret of the panda mothers’ First Giving Birth
Date: 2017-05-25

  What would a new panda mother do for the first giving birth? Will they be hurry-scurry like humans? Or can they expertly care the newborn cub like the experienced one?


  It is generally known that every panda motherover5 years old will delivery her newborn cub from June to August,or September after insemination in spring. Every pandamotherhas the first giving birth experience, good or bad. Among all of the first giving birth experiences, good experiences are same, however, bad are diverse. It can be classified into 4 types:


Type one: Adroit

  Ya Ya is a typical panda mother of this type. Usually, pandas in this type have great motherhood. As a cub given birth with a loud scream, adroit pandamotherimmediately licks the amniotic fluid off. And then she adjusts to a comfortable pose for both cub and her by holding the cub in her mouth. It is a “perfect” giving birth.

panda mother Ya Yais massaging her cub.


Type two: Perplexed


  In general, pandas in this type will be a bit nervous when a cub was born. Actually, she has no idea about what is going on after giving birth for the first time. And she really wants to embrace her cub but doesn’t know how to do it –by paws or by mouth? Although a newborn cub may lose body temperature as time passes if the mother doesn’t give warmth for a long time, the experienced breeder will give the perplexed pandamother the opportunities to practice. And the breeder will observe and safeguard the mother and cub. For example, panda mother Jing Jing, as a new mom, she was overexcited when the breeder gave the cub back to her. As a result, the cub bruised by Jing Jing’s strong hug. Luckily, after many times of practices, Jing Jingcan hold the cub very well.


panda mother Jing Jing is practicing how to rear the cub with the help of the keeper.


Type three: Terrified

  Panda mothers in this type is terrified by the cub’s appearance and screaming. Some of them may step back, even, climb up to avoid it. Panda Jiao Zi is a typical mother of this type. For the first time of giving birth, Jiao Zi was scared by the cub. After that, she doesn’t nurse that baby anymore. Finally, after repeated efforts with the help of the keeper, mother Jiao Zi successfully gathered the cub into her arms.

panda mother Jiao Zi is nursing her cub.

Type four: curious


  In fact,panda mothers in this type is neither scared by the cub nor caring the cub at once. Instead of that, the curious panda mother may stare at the cub and touch it. To the panda mother, touch is care; to the tender cub, touch might be hurt! Like the curious panda mother Mei Mei, at her first breeding, she was curious about her newborn cub and just touched it. But her cub’s body was gashed by her paw. Thanks to the veterinarian’s rescue, the cub can be live and is named Qi Zhen.


panda mother Mei Mei and her lovely twins


  Just like human beings, panda has a colorful emotion as a new mom. In captivity, they have overcome the scare and surmounted it with the help of the breeders, keepers, experts and veterinarians, etc. Thanks to the cooperation of them, panda cubs can grow up well. Wish all the best for panda mothers and panda cubs!




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