Why do panda cubs hiccup?
Date: 2017-06-12

  At present, Weknow more about raising panda cubs in captivity with more common senses about pandas. However, do you know panda cubs need burping after being fed?

  People who have raised a baby know that the newborn need burping after being fed. Panda cubs also need breeders to help them to burp. Many people confused. Do the pandamothers also help their babies to burp after breast-feed? One panda keepers told author that only panda cubs that are raised in captivity needed burping after feeding. The speed of milk from mother panda is comparatively slow, so the cubs swallow less air. However, the speed of milk from the bottle is relatively faster, so they are easy to be chocked even to vomit.


A keeper is feeding the cub

  Human beings share the same way to help the newborns to burp with the pandas. The breeders hold the cubs upright and pat their backs slightly. One thing is deserved to mention that the sound of the cubs burping is different with our humans. The sound is too slight to be noticed. The panda breeders only judge whether the cubs burp or not from their mumble. The mumble discharges not only extra air, but also brings happiness and dependence of them towards their nannies.

A keeper is holding the cub upright

Abreeder is patting the cub’s back to excrete extra air

  It is not easy to raise a panda in captivity. To take care of these delicate cubs, panda breeders must imitate mother pandas to look after the cubs, and they care the cubs like their real moms. The cubs have a healthy growth with the protective care of breeders.


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