Little Prince Mei Lan: Born in Atlantic, Living in Chengdu
Date: 2017-07-31

The above photo, derived from the Internet, was taken in Mei Lan’s childhood, which bought him a reputation for his vivid facial expression.


  My first sight at Mei Lan dates back to 2010. My co-workers kept talking about him all the day, which aroused my curiosity about him. So I went to No. 2 Giant Panda House at noon break. I still remember that scene-I saw crowds there, laughing and talking. I wanted to walk closer, but I found myself stuck and unable to keep moving. So I chose to stay there until that group of people moved to another enclosure. “What a Lovely panda!” It was my first impression to Mei Lan. He just sits there, eating his bamboo. What makes him so lovely? His Mickey ears? Sure! His big round face? Definitely. Rare male pandas in Panda Base could gain that beautiful face like Mei Lan. And his fur! Besides, his fur was extremely clean and tidy, which explains the reason why he was mistaken as a girl at first in Atlantic Zoo.


Taken on March 18, 2014. Bathing in a warm sunshine, Mei Lan was wandering in the enclosure, and hunting his favorite bamboo.


The Bamboo is to Mei Lan what the sugar cane is to a man. e always peels the outside of the bamboo and eats the inside. What a clever boy!


Mei Lan likes this pose most: eating bamboos while lying.


  In 2014, Mei Lan became a big boy and he temporarily lived at Sunshine Nursery House. Do you know why? He was trying to find his first bride!


Why was he staring at his next door enclosure all the time? USE your brain! You could surely figure it out! The answer is --- a beauty named Xing Rong was living next door!


  After that, he has become a brand-new hero father at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. But look this picture below. What a lovely babyish panda! Seriously, could you believe that he is a father?


Mei Lan in the outdoor, taken in May, 2015.


  This spring, by pure chance, I met him in the Sub-Adult Giant Panda Enclosure. It happened to be his feeding time. I couldn't help exclaiming his name when I saw him. When he turned around, I found that Mei Lan looked exactly the same as, or even younger than I saw him in 2014. He is always a little prince in my mind!




Feeding time in March, 2017.


He likes eating in the woods, without the noises from the excited tourists.


  Notes: In Chinese Mei Lan means Beautiful Atlantic. Born on Sept. 6, 2006, he was the first baby of his parents, and the 5th panda baby born in the USA.




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