Yuan Yuan’s Birthday Party
Date: 2017-08-04

  Hello, everybody. My name is Yuan Yuan. Today is August 1, 2017, my 14th birthday. I’m eagerly looking forward to welcoming all of you to join my birthday party.


  Early in the morning, my keeper has brought my birthday cake from Panda kitchen. This beautiful cake, frozen for at least 3 days, is covered with my favourite food: apples, steamed bread and honey.



  My birthday cake! It’s cute, isn’t it?


  Much yet remains to be done.



Put the cake in the playground.


Bring some bamboo leaves to brighten the cake up a bit.


Add some bamboo leaves.


  Now everything is ready before the party. My party begins.


The scent of the honey is in the air, which smells tasty to me!


  Generally speaking, I dislike to be crowded around by people due to the noises from them. But today, it surprises me to see so many people here. On my birthday party, all eyes are bent on me and I feel really good. All of a sudden, I even feel like I am becoming a huge superstar.


I like my birthday gift: an eye-catching slogan on a banner.



  Look at the crowds. Would you like to come here and enjoy my birthday party personally? It seems to be a Christmas.


I have many fans, including this cute little girl.



Though cake is great, I like eating bamboo leaves as well.


  I am unwilling to say goodbye to everybody, but the happy get-together can not last long because the hot weather makes me tied. lthough it is a pity that all my off-springs have missed this party, I’m glad to find that all of them grow up healthily and happily in all aspects. By the way, I am so elated to hear that one of my sons called Yuan Zai, living in France, is going to be a father this month, whose wife Yuan Yuan is expecting twins according to the ultrasound report.


  At last, would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to your presence at my birthday party today. I feel blessed and lucky with you!




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