Tricks for Giant Pandas Summering
Date: 2017-09-07

Giant pandas are able to live in the mountains even in winter with their big body shape, thick fur and fat. But in summer, it turns into a heavy burden for them. For this reason, giant pandas have their own tricks for summering. Now, let's go and see what they are!


Trick I: stay in cool area


In the wild, giant pandas live in the remote mountains at anelevation of 2600m to 3500m where is cloud-covered with pleasant climate.In summer, the temperature in the mountains is going up. According to field study it shows that giant pandasinhabit different areas as the change of seasons. As the coming of summer, giant pandas move into the cooler area at higher altitude and lower temperature forsummering. Whenever winter returns, they move into the warmer area at lower altitude. There is a Chinese saying "Stay at where is cool". Actually, giant pandas “use”this saying to choose theirhabitats in summer.


In captivity, there are also some tricks for giant pandas forsummering. Some zoos provide spray humidification system to ensure livable environment according to local climate. Moreover, giant pandas need to be back in the air-conditioned indoor enclosure when temperature is higher than 26℃.


Panda Nan Nan resting under the shade cloths with humidifier.


Air-conditioners in Parque de SeacPai Van ensurea comfortable life for the panda during the summer in Macao.


Trick II: heat transfer


When giant pandas feel burning hot, they may find cool objects around them to have a physical contact to keep cool, like stone in the shade, pond and so on.


Hugging an icy stone to have a rest is one of the best things in summer!


Panda Meng Meng, "If you have no stone, a piece of icy metal is perfect!"(The metal is a weighing scale in the enclosure)


Panda Da Shuang, "Your ways of summering are just OK. Look at me - lying nearby the pond, enjoying the cool of running water, it’s a panda's life!"


 Trick III: take a bath


There is no doubt that taking a bath is the best way of summering! There are ponds in giant pandas’ outdoor enclosure. The running water in the pond is the drinking water provided for them, while it is also a bath pond for giant pandas to take a bath, dabble, etc.


Panda Cheng Shuang, "I like taking a bath. Look at my shinning fur!"


Panda Meng Meng, "Do you wanna know my trick for summering?"


Panda Meng Meng, "Obviously, it’s dabbling!"


Trick IV: eat iced food


As human beings eat ice creams or iced watermelons to keep cool, captive pandas which live in the hot area can be provided with sorbets in summer. Moreover, summer and fall are the seasons of giant pandas’ birthdays. Therefore, keepers may make ice birthday cake for the birthday panda. Giant pandas are fond of this special summer food!


Panda Xiao Qiao enjoying a birthday cake.


Although giant pandas love these sorbets, they are provided in appropriate amount for the health of pandas.


These are the tricks for giant pandas summering. Aren't they wonderful?






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