Meng Meng: My Self-Improvement as a Born Star
Date: 2017-09-29

  Hello, everybody. My name is Meng Meng. I was born in 2013. Everybody has a dream, but the dream of the child is unfathomable. In my childhood, I had a dream that one day I would become a superstar receiving people’s applause.Most people fail on the journey of life for they are afraid that their schemes are too ambitious. However, I dare to dream big.Actually, I like it.


  I have a round face with dashing, intelligent eyes by birth, so my only problem is how to take advantage of my superiority. Gradually, I find a way to express myself as a charming panda. The secret of my success is always to provide the fans with what I am best at and to enhance my self-improvement all the time.


  When I was little, I lived in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, which was an unforgettable time when my mother and good friends accompanied me.





“II know how to adjust the angle to show myself,” said one-year-old Meng Meng.


My mother took good care of me all the time and she also taught me how to make a good impression on audience.


  As I grew older, I found more ways to show myself as a qualified star, such as hiking, playing hide-and-seek and eating while showering in my playground. After grasped all these techniques, I even did some practice. At last, my every presence entertained fans and made them take photos for me, which made me feel like I was a real star.


I am climbing.


I am playing Hide-and-Seek.


My acting was really perfect: I can eat while showing my smile.


Am I fighting with my friend? Of course not. What I want is to attract my fans!


Do you see my long legs? Do you like them?


As a superstar, I know the best time to show my face.


The good old time with my friend is the best time for me.


I have potential to be a gymnast.


I am lapsing into reverie


  In June, 2017, I moved to Germany with another panda called Jiao Qing. In fact, I enjoy living in different places because it means that I could attract more fans. In Berlin Zoo, I am famous too. Many people from distant places come to visit me every day. I have to say, I feel like I am a real star again. They look at me, and say repeatedly, “Cute! How adorable!”. Besides, they keep chuckling over the photographs of mine they take.


Look, how popular I am!(Photography by


My ID Photo(Photography by Jérôme POUILLE)


  Now I am accustomed to the food and life in Berlin. And I also keep practising my skills every day. So in the Panda House, you can see me playing, eating and sleeping through the grand window. Every movement of mine attracts people’s attention. In the following days, I plan to train my next skill: continuous roll-over. I hope that I could show you next time!





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