Sa Er: The Little Fox
Date: 2017-11-06

Sa Er is a 4-year-old adorable female panda living in Panda Base. Besides, she is the only survived cub of Jiao Zi’s triplets in 2013. Actually, it is rare to see panda mothers give birth to triplets in captivity. With this legendary birth, Sa Er has gained wide public attention.


Panda Jiao Zi, Sa Er’s mother


Unlike humans, most giant pandas were born to be with underbite. As Sa Er is growing up, it is found that her teeth are totally different -- she is orthognathous. She also gets a pointed chin. From the side view, Sa Er looks a little like a fox especially in her childhood. For these reasons, she gets her nickname of “the little fox”.


Do I look like a fox?


Which one is Sa Er?


Little fox Sa Er’s secret base is the very door where keepers go through into the enclosure. Usually, keepers feed pandas with apples via the window of the door. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why “foxy” Sa Er always stays around the door like a “doorman”.


Doorman Sa Er


After Sa Er is grown up, she becomes not only ingenious but also independent and beautiful. Let’s review the growth of Sa Er:


Are you a little fox or a rat?  (Newborn Sa Er)


Sa Er: The Spokespanda of Milk Powder


Playful Sa Er


Princess Sa Er


Sa Er: A Good Climber


One-Year-Old Sa Er


Two-Year-Old Sa Er


Sa Er in May, 2017


Nowadays, little fox Sa Er enjoys her life with her friend Xi Xi and half brother He Xing. Could you recognize Sa Er in these three pandas?






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