The Panda's Thanksgiving Day
Date: 2017-12-15


Right Panda: Hey, do you know the Thanksgiving Day?

Left Panda: Em...what? I don’t know. A special day? Is it a festival? Are there a lot of things to eat?

Right Panda: Maybe. I heard that in USA will eat turkey.

Left Panda: Turkey? Does it taste like a... em...peacock?

Right Panda: Have you eaten a peacock?

Left Panda: Of course not. That’s why I ask you!

Right Panda: Oh, I don’t know, neither.

Both: OK, whatever, we just eat our delicious “Panda cookie”.


Picture from net
Turkey? It must be very yummy


Picture from net
Is turkey more delicious than my special milk?


Picture by Li Ming


Right Panda: Hey,due,every panda is talking about the Thanksgiving Day and the Turkey.


Left Panda: Em, it’s not delicious than my fresh grass. Besides, I heard something important about this special day, that is, we need say “thanks” to somebody.


Qi Qiao: Really, I need say”thanks” to my Mum. Mum, look, I am climbing trees hardly. Thank you for teaching me.


Picture by Foundation


Little Panda: I...I...I...’m very young. But, thank you, nanny. I like you so much.


Cheng Shuang: Nanny, I’ll always love you, though I’m very very big now. Ha...


This is the panda’s Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day is an occasion for the public to express their gratefulness and to pray. Living with gratitude, people thank god almighty for his kindness.


In China, it is developed into a special day when people thank their families, their elders, their friends, and so on.




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