Qi Guo Is on the Tree
Date: 2018-01-11

Climbing trees is a natural skill of giant pandas. When panda babies are 3 or 4 months old, they start to walk by themselves, and then, they begin to challenge trees in the playground. At first when panda babies practice climbing trees, they use up all their strength to grasp the bark, climb up slowly, but sometimes they don’t have enough energy to get higher. When their feet are off the ground, their bodies cannot be supported by their hands and fall down on their back immediately. But they are all very persistent as they roll over, stand up and try again. They fall countless times but stand up again and again. The more frustrated, the braver, and they enjoy themselves. When the panda babies are 6 months old, they all become good tree-climbers after a long period of training. Among the panda babies born in 2016, there is a best tree-climber who I want to introduce to you-Qi Guo.


Everybody praised my beauty, how about you?


Qi Guowas born on Jul. 1, 2016. She has a twin sister named Qi Yi. Her sister is very famous on the internet because she can poop surprisingly, and she has a pinch of hair on her head which looks like a Wi-Fi antenna, and she runs like a rabbit. But Qi Guois very sweet and lovely. She follows the cute style, but her skill of climbing trees cannot be underestimated. She is almost the best among the panda babies in the Sunshine Delivery House. Usually we cannot find her on the playground, because most of the time she is staying in the tree.


“So that's a good view.”


“Let me have a cute break when climbing.”


Obviously Qi Guo can win everyone’s heart by appearance, but she deliberately likes to play from a position of strength. There is no tree in the playground which Qi Guocannot climb up.



“Hello guys!”


“Whoopee! I’m here!”


“Sunbathing is really comfortable.”


“I wanna sing a song!”


Everyday Qi Guo sleeps in the tree, but sometimes thekeepers need to worry about that. One day, Qi Guo climbed up the top of a big tree, but the branch wasso thin and weak that it may not be able to support her weight, the keepers called her coming down, but Qi Guo was completely indifferent. She would be safe when she was awake, but what if she was asleep?She would fall down. So keepers went out of the way for this.



– Qi Guo, just come down, it’s too dangerous there!”

-“The view is so beautiful here, I don’t want to get down, and I’m not that heavy. It’s safe here!”


At last the panda keepers had to prepare an airbag for her, just in case.


Although Qi Guo makes the keepers worry a lot, but as the best tree-climber, she absolutely is worthy of the name. Everybody says that Qi Guodeserves the name. She is just like a special fruit which should be on the tree!


“Keep quiet! I’m thinking about life.”


“Look, there is a huge black and white fruit on the tree!”


Wow! That’s the legendary Qi Guoonthe Sunshine DeliveryHouse’s playground. Do you like her?






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