Congratulations to Li Li on Official “Retiring”!
Date: 2018-01-15

A few days ago, Li Li, her sister Ya Ya and the other two elder giant pandas moved to the new Giant Panda Pavilion of Chengdu Zoo. They will spend their rest time here, which also means that Li Li has officially “retired”. Li Li has a lot of fans on the net. In the eyes of her fans, although Li Li is no longer young, she is always so youthful and lovely that the nickname “Three-year Li Li is given to her as a good wish.


Her daily life in the Giant Panda Pavilion is to eat, sleep and do some exercises.


Although Li Li’s iconic posture is lying to eat, occasionally she sits or leans forward for the most comfort.


Li Li looks so healthy now. But she was in poor health in youth. No matter how much food she ate, her weight remained substandard. Her keepers and veterinarians were worried about her very much. Fortunately, after a long period of careful nursing, Li Li improved a lot. After 2007, her weight has gradually returned to a normal level as an adult panda. The keepers began to worry about her love problem then. Li Li gave birth to four babies in 3 litters successfully in her later years. In 2009, she gave birth to a pair of twins Wen Li and Ya Li at 17, quiet a venerable age to giant pandas. 2 years later, Ai Li, a female panda, came to us, followed by the male Oreo, her last baby, in 2012. In a word, Li Li is a brave mother against age.


Being competent, qualified and devoted, Li Li could look after not only her own babies, but also the babies of other pandas. In 2013, Li Li raised five babies at the same time. She often played in the playground along with the babies. Under her care, the babies were very healthy.


Li Li and the Baby in Teaching


Li Li is playing with babies.


No rest even taking a bath.


In 2014, the 22-year-old Li Li (equivalent to a woman over 60) was still taking care of the 7 babies born in 2012 but pretty helpless for her senility. Soon, she retired as a baby raiser.


Li Li and Her Baby Oreo


After that, Li Li entered another stage of her life - retirement. Separating from babies, Li Li once lived in the Sub-adult Hall and No. 14 Enclosure. Since then, time did not work on her. The only thing she did was walking in the playground, eating and sleeping.


Li Li finally has time to enjoy the food alone.


“Nice! I retired. ”


Now, Li Li lives in the Giant Panda Hall of Chengdu Zoo, which is decorated for better lights. There are many interesting details designed for pandas in the enclosure, such as the stone wall at the upper space so that Li Li and other pandas can have a good place to climb; and the icy stones help a lot in summer. In the enclosure there is a little swimming pool with water flowing through the stones. Glass partitions are adopted inside the hall and a wire net on the top, for the purpose of reducing noise and maintaining temperature, and unauthorized feeding of giant pandas to a certain degree.


The Giant Panda Hall in the Chengdu Zoo


Now, I would like to say something that all visitors would be much appreciated if you could keep quiet for Li Li and the other pandas living here. Please do not knock at the widow or makenoises. We do hope that Li Li and other giant pandas that have made outstanding contributions to breeding could live a long and peaceful life in their later ages.





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