Who Stole the Nan Nan’s Apron?
Date: 2018-01-22

If you havethe chance to visit the Moonlight Delivery House of Panda Base last year, then you may take notice of a special panda which isnot muscular particularly or covered withcolorful coat but it haslittle fur on its pink belly. It seems like who did it.


“I feel the wind blowing over my stomach...”


Who did it and why? In fact, it’s due to the panda—Nan Nan—eating too much food. If you pay attention to panda news regularly, you mighthave read a piece of news a while ago about an intestinal obstruction operation for a giant panda, and the doctor fished out a basin of feces from the panda which is named Nan Nan.


“Why my apron was stolen? I swear by the bamboo shoot, I don’t know anything!”


Nan Nan was born on Aug.6, 2013, by its mother named Da Jiao whois stouter than normal. Nan Nan always had a strong appetite, a “wide-screen-face” that is commensurate with the appetiteand a gentle and lovable personality. In 2016, Nan Nan and He Xing went to Yunnan Wildlife Park for a stay. Absolutely, they attracted amounts of people. But Nan Nan’s appetite was too far and fast that it had the intestinal obstruction.


“Let me eat more while there’s time”


Da Jiao, “My daughter’s appetite must be like me.”


Perhaps someone will doubt why the big eater—panda—would be sick for eating too much food? Why only “Nan Nan” had the intestinal obstruction? What’s the harm in having the disease for Panda? The answers were hiding in the panda’s digestive system.


As an ex-Order Carnivora animal which eats bamboo as the mainstay diet, giant panda has adigestive system significantlydifferentfrom that of other herbivores.It’s hard to absorb the nutrition from the bamboo completelybecause they lack thefunction to ruminate, their intestinal distance is relatively short and the swollen caecum is weak. Panda canonly absorb the cell extract and a part of hemicellulose. It’s why their feces color is as green as before. In order to protect their fragile bowel from damage caused by rough fiber, the giant panda has evolved the secreting function of intestinal mucous, so that lots of mucus can wrap bamboo residue and help them out of the body throughthe intestine.


“Bamboo shoot is betterthan bamboo pole or leaf.”


Because bamboo haslow nutritional value, giant pandas must eat more than 20KG every day to ensure adequate energy intake. It’s facile to intake for intestinal health giant pandas, but it’s hard for Nan Nan since she is not equipped with a strong stomach.


That’s the reason that it caught anintestinal obstruction and doctors had toshave the fur for a surgical operation.


But don’tworry about the little girl. Thanks to the doctors’exquisite skillsand keepers’ good care for 24 hours, Nan Nan has already recuperated and shows new fur under the watch of visitors now. When it is comfortably lying in the air conditioning room, it has learned to eat more slowly andcarefully, and its beloved “apron” will not be taken away any more.


Xi Lan, “You need learn the correct way to eat food as me.”


Bei Chuan, a genuine lady even when eating a big apple


“When I finish this bite, I’ll begin to control a few...”





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