The Color Changing of the Grey Panda Baby
Date: 2018-01-30

Many visitors get confused by the appearance of giant panda babies. They are so cute and all look like the same. How to distinguish them? “The Grey family" can save visitors suffering from face blindness. The grey baby is unique in the black and white panda babies. Even people with face blindness can distinguish the grey baby from other babies easily.


Cheng Jiu, “Hi everybody, can you identify me?”


Cheng Ji is a famous mom of grey babies. All her babies were born grey and white, seemingly due to a lack of black ink. Because the different fur color, all her babies are named "Little Grey".


Generally the fur of giant panda babies becomes thick when babies are about one month old, and at that time they grow into black and white. But the “Little Grey” begins to show grey and white appearance. Its grey fur will turn black gradually half a year later, and then look almost the same as other white and black babies after another half a year.


Cheng Jiu about one month


Cheng Jiu about two months


Cheng Jiu about three months


Cheng Jiu about eight months. The grey part turned black gradually.


Cheng Jiuabout oneyearold, now it’s white and black completely.


How time flies. Some of Cheng Ji’ grey babies moved to sexual maturity gradually. We are wondering if their babies will be grey as well.


Ni Ni’s babies are black and white.


Ni Ni’s babies did not show grey and white color. Is the family's grey gene lost? On Jun. 27, 2016, Ji Li- Cheng Ji’s daughtergave birth to twins, a boy and a girl successfully.The twins were named Ji Mei and Ji Lan. Family genes bring some special experience to their growth.


New born: pink body


Like all giant panda babies, the twins were born with pink bodies covered with thin fur.



Two weeks:the color began to change.


There were no difference among Ji Mei, Ji Lan and other babies when they were two weeks old. Arms and legs, shoulders, ears and eyebrows appeared black.



One month: Put on the black belt.


One month old Ji Mei and Ji Lan began to put on a standard“black belt”. At this time, we guessed thelater generations of the “Little Grey” would not continue to keep grey.


One month old Ji Mei, Ji Lan (middle) and their friends of the same age


Two months: Oops! The baby was discoloring!


The boy Ji Meiwas black and white when he was one month old. With the twins grew up day by day, its black faded and turned grey! Due to the special family gene, fans called Ji Mei as“Grey Baby 2.0”. The twin sisterJi Lan has been black and white all the time.


Ji Mei, “I can keep you away from face blindness.”


Ji Mei, “I just turned black for several days. Oops, ‘grey gene’ is too strong, I cannot control it!”


Three months: “Grey Baby”changed its color successfully.


Then, the three-month-old boy Ji Mei was as grey as his mom Ji Li in childhood.


Discoloring Ji Mei (the left one) with his black and white friend


Ji Mei about 3 months

The color of face, arms and legs of 3-month Ji Mei


Differing from the 1st generation “Little Grey” who experienced pink, white and grey before they were black and white, Ji Mei reversed the sequence of the last two steps. It evidenced that the capable “Grey Gene” is heritable for the later generation.





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