The Energetic Brother and Sister—Xing Hui and Xing Fan
Date: 2018-02-14

Without chubby Mei Lan’s distinctive eyes which reveal her intelligence, without pretty Yuan Yue’s pleasant sound, without the anecdote about the bed-wetting of Qi Yi with Wi-Fi, and without Fu Shun’s ability to steal the spotlight in the group photo, not alone the inborn popularity of Cheng Shi who carries the grey gene, the twin brother and sister Xing Hui and Xing Fan, the youngest twins born in 2016, seem to receive a little attention at the beginning. However, as thedays go by, they attract increasing attention.


On August 12, 2016, giant panda Ya Xing successively gave birth to the brother and sister twins in Moonlight Deliver House of Chengdu Research Base. The staff gave the twins poetic names—Xing Hui and Xing Fan.


Xing Fan About Two Weeks Old


Xing Hui About Four Weeks Old


The brother and sister Xing Hui and Xing Fan are not different from other cubs born in Moonlight Deliver House in the same year. Their daily routine is to be in the arms of their mother and to have the breast milk. Sometimes, when it is sunny, they go out to bask in the sunshine and fall asleep at ease.


Xing FanAbout One and Half Month Old


Xing Hui About Two Months Old


As time goes by, the brother and sister gradually grow up. They have learnt to stand up and walk, and finally they can live alone without relying on their mother. Currently, they live with other elder giant pandas in the Moonlight Deliver House. They roam around the outdoor playground to explore the mysterious world.


Xing Hui,“It’s full of novelty outside, how amazing!”


Xing Hui,“I want to sing a song loudly!”


Xing Hui(on the left),“My little sister, I am with you. Let’s have a rest.”
Xing Fan(on the right),“Ok, my brother. But please don’t put your feet in my face…”


When they grow up, the brother and sister become different in personality. The elder brother Xing Hui, like most boy pandas, is vital and energetic, moving around bushes in the enclosure every day.


My goal today is to conquer this little tree.


Look at me!I have golden cudgel in my hand with my feet stepping on the ladder.


Observe Secretly


Xing Hui (the upper), “little sister (in the middle), can you and brother Wen Wen (the bottom) not fight against me for this tree?”


If we look at each other for three seconds, you must be lost in my charm.


On the contrary, the younger sister Xing Fan is a cute and obedient girlin the traditional sense—quiet, enjoying being alone and never making troubles (but she always gets hurt because of the fights between other giant pandas), so she is called the “tender girl”.


Little tree, you look like yummy!



Instead of playing around, I prefer to chew the leaves quietly.


It is also fineto do and think of nothing, or just to gaze into the distance.


Or to hide behind the tree and peep at the cameraman.


Oh my god, my brother is fighting against another giant panda again.


I just keep quiet and entertain myself.


As time goes by, the brother and sister now have already grown up. Seeing them so carefree, I want to say to all of you that there must be rough time in the life, so when you are confronted with difficulties and obstacles, you could think of the two brother and sister who are vital and are always accompanying us at somewhere in the world. “Having Xing Hui, you will not be upset; having Xing Fan, you will not be vexed.” I believe if we have optimistic attitude towards life, we could overcome the difficulties one after another.


Xing Hui, “Don’t be afraid. I will protect you. Let’s go ahead.”




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