Pandas Depend On Food, and Food Depends On Soil
Date: 2021-01-26

Early in the morning, Si Nian and Si Junjun, Ke Da and Ke Xiao wereeating sweet bamboo shoots, chatting with each other in the young-cub enclosure.


Ke Da:Em,SiNian,do you know where the bamboo shootsthat we eatcomefrom?
Si Nian:What a strange question. Of course ,Nanny gave them to us!
Ke Xiao:So,where did Nanny get the bamboo shoots?
Si Junjun:I don’t know. Maybe she planted it by herself?


Si Nian said with disdain: Seriously, Junjun , you just know how to eat, okay, don't look over there, I ate it all.
Si Junjun: Em~ I know, Nanny must plant the bamboo shoots in the soil , I smell the fragrance of the soil.


Rou Rou: Em~yes, the bamboo smells good.


Mao Tao: Indeed, there is the freshness of rain drops and earth.
 ( The author: Are you so artistic?)How many years does a bamboo take to grow so well?


Ya Xing: I don't care where the bamboo comes from, I just do my kung fu, compare my teeth with the bamboo , which one is harder?
(The author: Really a "tough woman")


Pandas spend 8-12 hours eating a day. An adult giant panda can eat about 20 kilograms of bambooor about 40 kilograms of bamboo shootsin a day. Does this surprise you? Of course most of the bamboo becomes the panda's excrement.


It is no exaggeration to say that pandas live on bamboo.For bamboo to grow, it needs a lot of soil in the wild.


The growth of bamboo requires a soil depth of 50 ~ 100cm (medium diameter bamboo can need 50cm, large diameter bamboo such as Moso Bamboo requires 80 ~ 100cm).Good sandy loam soil with fertile, moist, drainage and permeability is needed as well as slightly acidic or neutral PH, around PH 4.5 ~ 7.0 is appropriate, in addition the underground water level should be below 1m for Moso bamboo or below 50cm for a medium diameter bamboo. It is not easy to grow bamboo. Every day, the fresh bamboo shoots or farmed bamboo are purchased from the villagers who grow bamboo in the deep mountains. The bamboo is grown in this environmentin order to make sure the captivepandas, just like the wild pandas, eat healthynatural bamboo and bamboo shoots, to ensure the their proper nutrition.


We need to protect the land, not only to protect humans, but also to protect of the world's wildlife we love.


Ya Xing: It’s so hard to get this bamboo. Do you think I'm squeaky clean and frugal? I will eat without waste.


Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.Besides protecting pandas, we will also must do our part to conserve the environment we live in, we should sort and reduce our waste, save water and electricity, and do our best to save our environmental.


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