A Great Tree Climber-Zhao Mei
Date: 2021-02-10

Climbing trees is a natural skill for giant pandas. Panda cubs often start to learn tree climbing skills as soon as they learn to walk when they are around three or fourmonths old. In the wild, adult pandas have few natural enemies, but wild animals such as golden cats, jackals and yellow-throated weasles can be deadly to young pandasand sick individuals. Therefore, how to avoid conflicts and natural enemies are necessary survival skills for giant pandas. Who wants to learn? ! Let giant panda Zhao Mei give you a guide.


Zhao Mei was rescued from the wild in 2014. Because she was found in Zhao Jue County and kept by the Da Fengding Reserve Management Bureau in Mei Gu County, the staff of the reserve gave her a name -- Zhao Mei. Zhao Meiis very active and loves climbing trees, so we can always see her in the outdoor playground during different seasons.


Zhao Mei: I'm a great tree climber!


Every frame of Zhao Mei inthe tree is gorgeous!



Enjoying tasty food in the trees.


The life in the tree is so cozy!


Leisure time: Tickling her feet in the tree.


Let's do yoga!



It is also very comfortable to rest or sleep in a tree.


Zhao Mei enjoys the days with ease and comfort, just like her consistent attitude towards life. I hope you can relax your mind after busy work, adjust your body and mind, and occasionally take a break. Speaking of which, how about scheduling a tour of thePanda Base this weekend?



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