Love of Mother and Son
Date: 2021-10-15

Mother and child have the closest emotional connection in the world. The days when children get along with their mothers are often filled with tenderness and trust. In the panda world, the giant panda cub will stay with its mother until one and a half years old and learn various survival skills. After one and a half years, the cub will leave its mother to live alone. Although the time the cub spent with its mother was relatively short, it was always wonderful and unforgettable. Let's take a look at how mother and sons Ai Li and Ai Lun get along and how they feel their love for each other.



 Ai Lun snuggled up to his sleeping mother.


 Ai Lun: Mom, wake up, it's time to learn skills!


 Ai Li: This "little pillow" is so soft!


Ai Li: Baby, let mom sleep five more minutes.


 Ai Li soothed Ai Lun and went back to sleep.


When Ai Li was resting, Ai Lun "Bear Kid" explored on the perch alone.




Ai Lun: Mom is by my side, I can play at ease.


Ai Li woke up and looked at her lively son.





 Ai Li taught Ai Lun to climb the perch.



 Ai Li taught Ai Lun to eat bamboo.


Knowing now how panda mothers and cubs get along, do you also remember the moments you spent with your mother? I hope that the days spent with our mothers can become the driving force in our growth process, so that we can draw strength from it, and this power will accompany us bravely forward in the journey of life!



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