Surprise from Jin Xi
Date: 2022-07-27

  Giant panda Jin Xi was born in 2020. After getting a little older, his temperament has become more and more simple and lovely. During these recent years, when Jin Xi happily gets older, what surprises will he bring us?

The dozing little cutie-Jin Xi
Good morning, this is Jin Xi
   Surprise one: A touch of poetic temperament.
 When Qu Yuan looked up at the sky and questioned the creation of heaven and earth, his spirit of seeking knowledge and philosophical thinking of the universe are worth learning. And when the giant panda Jin Xi looks up at the vast empty sky, the "bear" also exudes a light poetic temperament.
Jin Xi: Which cloud is the sun hiding behind today?
Jin Xi: Where will the wind take the cloud?
   Surprise 2: Stability and concentration.
   When Jinxi enjoys food, he is not easily disturbed by the outside world. As long as he has bamboo shoots in his hands, his face will be more calm. Being able to stay alone and eat bamboo shoots quietly is amazing.
Addicted to eating bamboo shoots 
Jin Xi: Let the flowers bloom and fall, I am calm and calm.
   Surprise 3: Has the courage to explore.
   Jin Xi is full of love for life and maintains a passion for exploring the world around him. After being able to climb a tree, he often explores a wider world in the trees.
From a height, the other pandas are all smaller
Jin Xi: What's behind the leaves? Let me see.
    As a "treasure panda", I believe that Jin Xi will bring us more surprises. If you like Jin Xi, you might as well come to the Panda Base to see him in your free time.
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