Baoxin's daily life
Date: 2022-08-23

Baoxin, the leader of the 2021 Panda Base Moonlight  Nursery House, was born on June 24, 2021. The young Baoxin is lively and vigorous, full of vitality, and his daily life is also colorful.


1: Drink milk.
 Years later, in the face of bottled milk, the giant panda Baoxin will recall the distant afternoon when the nurse prepared food for him.
Drink a bottle of milk and so happy!
For juvenile or sub-adult pandas, in addition to mother’s milk, the keepers will provide them with formula milk to meet their nutritional needs. Giant pandas are weaned at about one and a half to two years old.
2、climb trees.
Baoxin's on the tree and looks forward to the brilliance. He can be described as a modest gentleman, as gentle as jade.
Clear eyes, clear love, only for China!
Giant pandas are naturally "highly myopic" and have limited vision, with recognizable colors including blue and green.
3、 Walk.
The wind rises, the leaves fall. When the golden leaves melt into the brown soil, under the soil, new life in nature is nourished; above the soil, Baoxin takes a tender step, trying to take every step of a bear's life.
step by step
The giant panda has traveled through eight million years of wind, rain and snow with its iconic walking style.
 When Baoxin decides to relax, he only needs a wall to lean on, and all his worries can be forgotten.
A wall, a back, everything is ok!
This is Baoxin's daily life. If you also like cute Baoxin, then meet him at the Panda Base! 
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